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Luštica, where our tourist cluster is located, is a high-level haven for those who prefer a comfortable and ecological lifestyle.

It’s not the typical Montenegro where service doesn’t always satisfy the guests’ needs due to historical and economic reasons. This is a ‘state within a state’ – closed territory peninsula with unique, thoroughly thought-out architecture, infrastructure, service, pure beaches and reserved nature.

The resort is built on pristine territory, with a surface area of 70 million m2 in a national reserve where any building and industrial activity were forbidden before the project realisation.

The resort is divided into three inter connected regions:

Elite private eco-village Marina Village on the coast with its own beach, yacht marina, five-star hotel, villas, townhouses, apartments, pools, cafés, restaurants, shops, esplanade (fully built and functioning)

Residential and administrative town Centrale – cultural centre with shops, restaurants, bars and other entertainment facilities (the first cluster is currently put into operation)

Spectacular professional world-class 18-hole golf course with elite cottages and townhouses around (WIP*)

*All construction works are stopped during the season. 

Vacation in Luštica and Montenegro 2023

Best investment project in Europe

In 2019, the Luštica complex was named the best European investment project and received an award at the Luxury Network International Awards in Dubai (UAE).

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