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Yacht rental in Montenegro is an opportunity to see the Adriatic coastline from the other side, visit quaint islands and swim in secret bays. 

Private yacht with captain

We offer hourly rental for a new 10-meter long Jeanneau NC9 yacht with captain. The yacht has all the amenities: panoramic cabins, spacious cockpit, swimming platforms and an open deck with a comfortable couch.

Yacht rental in Montenegro

What to see around Luštica

Going on a yacht trip, you can specify your own route or trust our captain with it. Sailing during the day, you can see:

  • Plava Špilja (blue cave), where the sunrays refract during sunny days, illuminating the water from the inside and colouring the walls with extraordinary shades. 
  • Gospa od Škrpjela – man-made island with a beautiful church that looks almost the same as many centuries ago. 
  • Famous Žanjice beach – the local blue lagoon surrounded by an olive grove. 
  • Rose village and fort, Ribarsko Selo, Sveti Stefan island and other quaint bays, beaches, and islands.

Dawn and sunset by the sea

Alone or with your loved one, with a glass of red Vranac or white Krstac, on land by the sea? Definitely by the sea, the rest is up to you. 

Our captain will pick the best place where the dawn or sunset view will be magnificent. Tip: free up your smartphone memory before, there will be many photos!

Adriatic cruise

Want to see distant bays and spend the night to the tune of the waves? Sail on a cruise around the Adriatic! 

The cruise program is designed personally depending on the number of days and guests’ wishes.

Prices 2023

1 hour: 150€* + fuel**

Minimum 4 hours, 10% sale upon renting for more than 6 hours

When renting the yacht for multiple days, the price is discussed upon booking application. 

*Time count starts when leaving the marina

**Counted by the engine running time

Book a yacht right now to discuss the details in advance and be 100% sure the trip will happen. 

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