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MNE FOR YOU has been working in Luštica since it opened in 2018. We developed our own tourism cluster based on careful analysis and project growth perspectives.

Our goal is to make you happy and free of worries, and your vacation unforgettable. The company isn’t a mediator or an agent: all services are provided and supplied directly by our own assets.

Our priorities

Positive reviews from our guests:

9.6 average apartment rating on


we are ready to offer accommodation discounts for those who bring new guests

Repeated check-ins:

more than 30% returned to Luštica last season 

Our 2023 tourism season services

For the 2023 tourism season we offer:

  • Apartments for vacation in two Luštica districts: coastal Marina Village and administrative Centrale. Apartments have a stylish design; windows, balconies and terraces provide views of mountains and the Adriatic.
  • Shuttle with our driver to any destination, or ride an electric vehicle around the resort territory.
  • Car rental from MNE FOR YOU personal car park.
  • Yacht rental with captain for one-day trips and cruises.
  • Personal tours with guides: Montenegro hiking tours, rafting, Jeep safari, canyoning, horse rides.
  • Help with buying Montenegro real estate, settlement, and moving abroad.
  • Real estate management in Montenegro.

We speak English, Serbian and Russian, and break any language barriers with a smile, honesty, and hospitality.

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